• Picnic

    Picnic is one of the most important annual events of BISESJ. The school as per arrangement will decide for a particular interesting place/site away from the city and the students will be taken to the school picnic there. Picnic and such other go-away camping will be organized. Click to see pictures

  • Games and Sports

    i) PE teacher will guide games and sports activities.
    ii) An annual sports day and Prize giving ceremony will be held. The winners of different social-literary and cultural competitions will be given prizes on such an occasion. Click to see pictures

  • Staff Training

    i) British Council

  • Training 1
  • Training 2
  • Training 3
  • ii)Training From King AbdulAziz University Professors Click to see pictures

  • Field Trips

    Class educational outings will take place during 1st semester and 2nd semester wherever possible to support the curriculum and to develop social skills.

  • Cultural Activities

    A cultural team including teachers and students will conduct different cultural activities. Click to see pictures

  • Cultural Competition

    Poem Recitation, Book Reading, Solo song, Group Song, Dress As you Like, Jokes.

  • Debate

    Inter- and Intra-class English and Bengali debates are encouraged for BIESEJ students.

  • National Day Celebration Program

    21st February International Mother Language Day Click to see pictures
    17th March National Children’s Day
    26th March National Day & Independence Day of Bangladesh Click to see pictures
    14th April Pohela Boishakh/Bengali New Year
    15th August Click to see pictures
    14th December Martyred Intellectuals Day Click to see pictures
    16th December Great Victory Day of Bangladesh Click to see pictures