1. SCHOOL Timings
BISESJ’s student’s classes and office normal weekday from Sunday to Thursday. The school runs 8 periods a day, 40 in a week. Each period is a minimum of 40 minutes. Unless otherwise instruction by the authority normally the class hours are from 07:15 A.M. ‐ 01:40 P.M. and office hour 07:00 A.M. - 03:00 P.M . including half an hour break for prayer and lunch. In case of school kept open in Ramadan month the actual working hours during the Ramadan month shall be reduced for Muslim employees to a maximum of six hours a day or 30 hours a week. Subject to BISESJ’s work assignments and principal’s approval, the employee’s HOD shall determine the hours of employment that best suits the needs of the work to be done by the individual employee especially for the admin, accounts, printshop, drivers and staff nurses.

2. School uniforms:

School uniform is compulsory and available at our supplier. All students must be in complete uniform while on the school premises. All caps or hats worn while on school grounds will be confiscated. Students who come to school improperly attired will be sent back to home.

3. Break time:

There is a break of 30 minutes for Pre-reception and Reception classes. There is a 30 minutes lunch break for middle and lower school students in addition to the 10 minute break for Dhuhr prayer. The lunch brought by students should be suitable according to the climate. Light sandwiches, fruits and vegetables are recommended. Sticky cakes, rice, biscuits and sweets are not recommended. Fizzy drinks are not permitted. Eating is not allowed in the playground during the break time.

4. Prayer times:

School arranges Dhuhr prayer in the school premises in between academic lessons and eligible students must attend the prayer.

5. Water:

Purified drinking water is made available by the school authority.

6. Accident/Sickness:

Any accident or sickness during school hours will be dealt with by our school nurse and parents will be informed immediately. Should a child need to be sent home? His/her parents will be contacted and the child will be kept in the nurse room until received.

7. Illness:

The school should be notified of any medication to be administered at school. The medicine will be administered by the school nurse.

8. Absences:

Parents are requested to inform the school in the event of their child's absence. Only legitimate reasons for absence, such as ill health, family emergencies, and / or other unavoidable situations will be excused. Parents are requested not to send to school if any student is suffering from a contagious condition.
In case of head lice, the school nurse will advise as per school policy. It is advisable not to plan any family vacation during term time

9. Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM):

Parent Teacher Meetings (PTMs) are held during semester 1 and semester 2 and offer a very good opportunity to the parents to meet their child's teachers and discuss his/her progress. Additional appointments may be made as and when necessary.

10. Appointments:

Appointments to meet the Principal or other members of staff are to be made through the School Secretary in advance. Before entering the school, visitors must register with the School Security.

11. Library:

BISESJ has developed three libraries- Upper School Library, Lower School Library and Girls Section Library.

Lower School Library consists of children's books of stories, tales, plays, poems, games and sports general knowledge books, scientific information and also contains TV with DVD players and video.
Upper School Library consists of reference books, text books, general knowledge, scientific information, newspapers, magazines etc.
Girls Section Library consists of text books, general knowledge, scientific information, newspapers, magazines etc.

12. Science Lab:

There is a well-equipped science lab in BISESJ according to the University of Cambridge standard. Up to 25 students can work at the same time for Chemistry, Biology and Physics. As we are an attached centre, the CIE practical examinations are conducted in the school labs.

13. Question Paper Moderation:

Question papers are gone through moderation by experts before each semester examination.

14. Answer Script Scrutiny:

The experts of the subjects randomly check the answer scripts where applicable.

15. Evaluation of annual result:

Once the annual result is published the School Management Council(SMC) sympathietically evaluates the performance of the staff.

16. Report cards:

Report cards are issued only to those students who do not have outstanding fees.

17. Change in contact information/ Withdrawal from school:

Good communication between school and home is essential. Please inform the school as early as possible in case of a change of address or telephone number, or in the event of a student's withdrawal from the school.

It is essential that the school has the current address and telephone number for all the students.

18. Emergency school closing:

In the emergency, the following procedure will be followed:
a) When advance notice is possible, parents will be notified by a letter sent home with students.
b) When school is in session, parents will be contacted by phone, if possible, before the students are sent home. If it is not possible to contact the parents, the school will make the best possible arrangements to ensure the safety and welfare of its students.

19. School maintenance:

Students are expected to help maintain the tidiness of school premises. Students will be raw held accountable for any loss or damage to school property.

20. Canteen service:

An external vendor selected by proper tendering process will run the school canteen at BISESJ premises. The school will work closely with the vendor to establish a checklist that meets the needs of the students and employees. Standards for these services are in compliance with the Jeddah Municipality guidelines. Parents are encouraged to send their student to school with healthy food options or use the school canteen. Due to food allergies, as well as religious, cultural, and family differences, students are requested not to share food at any time. Detail guidelines are stated in school manual.


BISESJ provides transportation service to students and teachers from home to school throughout Jeddah and Makkah. It is imperative to all the students and teachers who are using BISESJ bus service to follow the instruction stated in school manual. Registration for BISESJ bus services is available in the school accounts office

Parents are in no way restricted to the use of the service and are welcome to use pick and drop services for their children by their own responsibility.

BISESJ also provides transportation service to the school employees to and from school. If any employee is on official duty outside school, BISESJ will arrange transport. Any other expenses will be verified and approved by the SMC and a payment order will be given to accounts section for the particular expenses.

School Bus is available on request within the school bus routes.

School Bus Rules

Students are required to:

• Obey the bus driver
• Remain seated while the bus is in motion.
• Take all their belonging off the bus.
• Dispose of all rubbish in the garbage bin.

Students are not allowed to:
• Eat or drink on the bus.
• Shout or talk loudly.
• Open the windows.
• Damage the bus in any way.
• Disturb the driver.
If these rules are not followed, the school authority may withdraw this facility transportation at the discretion of the School Management Council.