Educational Policy outlines the educational objectives, procedures, alternatives and decisions. It sets detailed guidelines for the administrators and teaching staffs to enable them to ensure state-of-art quality education and utilization of available resources.

1. Teachers recruitment:

Our teachers are qualified and are committed to their professions. On the basis of open advertisements, written and Viva-voce examinations, initially a selection committee, formed by SMC and external members, will select teachers for a panel. Final selection will be done after a successful demonstration of a lesson in class from the selected panel. The selected teachers will undergo short orientation course from time to time. Experts in the respective subject from various higher educational institutions generally conduct orientation.

2. Quality teaching and learning:

Teaching and learning are the core activities of BISESJ. The principal along with the educational committee is responsible for formulating appropriate strategies to be implemented within the guidelines of Cambridge University curriculum (CIE). The SMC is monitoring the ongoing teaching procedure to ensure quality education.
The concept of teaching and learning at BISESJ are aimed to prepare good citizens for the society. The students of BISESJ will develop their skills and knowledge to become lifelong learners with an open-minded approach. We want our students to be internationally qualified with their knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable them to participate competitively in any global opportunity.

3. Quality teaching staff:

There is no doubt that quality education comes from the skilled teachers. Keeping this in mind, the educational committee of BISEJ focus on the quality teacher. There will be a multilayer activities along with the following:

 Recruit quality teachers
 Teachers recruitment circulation internationally
 Higher educational degree
 Priority with completed teachers trainings
 Arrange teachers training
 Review teaching staff performance

4. Lesson planning:

All teaching and learning activities have to be planned carefully in order to ensure effective implementation of the curriculum. Considering individual condition of the students, teaching staffs will have to plan teaching-learning activities that help the students to acquire desired level of competencies.
Each teacher should therefore prepare
 A scheme of work for each class that they have to teach
 A weekly plan of work
 Daily lesson plan
 Portfolio for each semester

5. Students evaluation:

The student assessment takes place at the end of each academic year with grades. The grades include written, oral, and practical evaluation where applicable. The evaluations are based on the following:
 First term exam result
 Second term exam result
 Final exam result
The extra-curricular activities are also considered as part of the students evaluation.

6. Teaching evaluation:

Exam result is the best indicator to evaluate the efficiency of teaching-learning activities in the school. The principal along with educational committee should do the following:
 Ensure that proper level of performance is established and maintained.
 Ensure that scheme of work submitted by each teacher is in-line with curriculum.
respect HOD will consult with each teacher and decide regarding the content of lectures and in
this assignments to be delivered to students of different classes.
 Ensure systematic analysis of performance of the students in assignments and examination.
Statistical analysis of exam results should lead to improvement of the teaching-learning
 Aware the school community of the challenges for continuous improvement and ensure that
proper steps are being taken.
 Keep records of all activities.
 Examine difficulties in the teaching-learning activities.
 Establish regulation of question paper and answer script checking.

7. Extra-curricular activities other than teaching:

BISESJ will organize/observe the national days including victory day, independence day, international mother language day, Bengali new year,
sports week, annual picnic, parents teachers meeting (PTM), excursion etc. The employees will be required to perform the duties as assigned on these special occasions.
The teaching staff will be assigned duties during the school hours apart from teaching which might include:
 Review of study materials including books
 Routine/ timetable development and implementation
 Home/ break time duties to control the students on campus movements
 Monitoring students dress code/ behavior
 Students counseling
 Hygiene confirmation and campus safety/security monitoring

8. Outside teaching/employment:

Teachers/staff employed by BISESJ are not allowed other paid services as per SLL such as private tuition, part time jobs, business, consultancy etc.
If BISESJ finds any employee involved in other paid services that affects his/her job performance or ability to meet the requirements of BISESJ, the employee will be referred to disciplinary committee. The disciplinary committee reserves the right of warning, suspension or termination from the BISESJ employment.

9. Examination:

The principal, vice principal along with educational committee are responsible for the administering school examinations. S/he is also responsible for ensuring students participation in the CIE examinations (IGCSE, AS & A) every year.

10. Examination Quality Control (EQC):

The board of Moderation and Scrutiny monitors the examination quality control (EQC). The question papers are to be edited and suggested by the board members. For the quality assurance, the experts of the subjects will randomly check the answer scripts where applicable and the board members will do the same in general.

11. Recognition

The recognition of the students for their excellent performance is the culture of BISESJ. The world ranking and prestigious result in any subject is considered as the landmark for both the student and school. The world ranking and prestigious result in IGCSE, AS & A levels are celebrating by the teachers and parents through the benchmark function. On the other hand, recognized best teachers will also be awarded.