Discipline is a must for the proper functioning of a school and is essential for effective learning and the quality education of the school. Effective school discipline strategies need to be sought to encourage responsible behavior and to provide all students with a satisfying and fruitful school experience by discouraging misconduct. School discipline has three main goals:
 ensure the safety of staff and students
 create an environment conducive to learning
 contribute to the social development of the student

School timing, attendance and punctuality

BISESJ has a guideline for school weekday and school timing. The school will maintain the guideline unless otherwise any instruction issued from Saudi Ministry of Foreign Education.

1. School timing

BISESJ’s student’s classes and office normal weekday from Sunday to Thursday. Unless otherwise instruction by the authority normally the class hours are from 07:15 am. ‐ 02:00 pm. And office hour 07:00 am - 03:00 pm. Including half an hour break for prayer and lunch. In case of school kept open in Ramadan month the actual working hours during the Ramadan month shall be reduced for Muslim employees to a maximum of six hours a day or 30 hours a week. Employees may request the opportunity to vary their work schedules (within employer defined limits) to better accommodate personal responsibilities. Subject to BISESJ’s work assignments and principal’s approval, the employee’s hod shall determine the hours of employment that best suits the needs of the work to be done by the individual employee especially for the admin, accounts, print shop, drivers and staff nurses.

2. Attendance

Students are expected to be present regularly throughout the year. If any child is absent three consecutive days due to sickness or any other reason, his/her legal guardian should report to the school. The details are stated in school manual. Attendance for the employee is a key factor for the job performance and there is a plan of biometric device for recording everyday attendance for all employees except some exemption by the SMC. Excessive absences, tardiness or leaving early will be subject to disciplinary action. If any employee is absent for any reason or plan to arrive late or leave early, s/he must notify to HOD or the Principal office as far in advance as possible and no later than one hour before the start of scheduled work day.

3. Punctuality

The school gate will open 30 minutes before commencement of the class. Students are expected to be in the school for assembly 15 minutes before start of the class. Punctuality means respect for others, classmates and teachers. Tardiness affects not only the person who is late, but also disrupts the entire group and finally to the society. Parents are requested to emphasize with their child the importance of being on time.

4. School disciplinary policy

No teaching staff should opt for corporal punishment to the students (ref. school manual). In case any student is found as a threat for any person or object inside the school campus, the matter should immediately be referred to the principal or vice principal. Everyone should deal with the students in inclusive manner irrespective of age, religion, gender and nationality. In case of any student’s repeated misbehavior, school administration should discuss with the parents/guardians. The disciplinary sanctions are all stated in the school diary which can be used as a reference.

5. Non‐disclosure of confidential information

Employees should not disclose confidential information to anyone who is not employed by BISESJ or to other persons employed by BISESJ who do not need to know such information to assist in rendering services.

The protection of privileged and confidential information, including academic secrets, is vital to the interests and the success of BISESJ. The disclosure, distribution, electronic transmission or copying of BISESJ’s confidential information is prohibited. Such information includes, but is not limited to the following examples:

 Package benefits.
 Financial information.
 Digital figures or activities and structure of particular department
 Program and financial information, including information related to students and parents.
Employees are required to sign a non‐disclosure agreement as a condition of employment. Any employee who discloses confidential BISESJ information will be subject to disciplinary action including possible termination, even if s/he does not actually benefit from the disclosure of such information.
Discussions involving confidential information should always be held in private. Conversations regarding confidential information should not take place in public to avoid overhearing.

6. Policy against workplace harassment

BISESJ is committed to provide friendly work environment for all employees, free from discrimination. BISESJ’s commitment begins with the recognition and acknowledgment that any type of harassment and discrimination are unlawful. Violation of any harassment may fall under disciplinary action.

7. Reporting of harassment

If anyone has experienced or witnessed any harassment or discrimination by any employee of BISESJ, then s/he should report the incident in writing immediately to the principal. Possible harassment by others with whom BISESJ has a business relationship, including students and parents, should be reported in writing as soon as possible so that an appropriate action can be taken. School authority will promptly and thoroughly investigate all reports of harassment as discreetly and confidentially as practicable. BISESJ’s goal is to conduct a thorough investigation, to determine whether harassment occurred and to determine what action (as per labor law) to be taken.

8. Staff development & disciplining

The process will be pursued through on and off the job training sessions. The teachers will be required to attend the training sessions provided/managed by the school. Every participated staff will be required to pay some of the expense for the “off the job training” along with self-managed transportation. The staff can’t opt for any training/development program if that hampers the regular school hours or lecturing or not duly approved by the school management. The staff should not leave the school before completing one year of service after availing the training arranged by the school. In case of noncompliance with the policy, BISESJ reserves the right to take punitive measures against the person concerned. Regular hr appraisal will be in place and the evaluative report will be given to the employees for further development.
The school administration will follow the certain procedures for disciplining the staff which includes in the order:
 Verbal or written warning with specific reasons and show cause
 Suspension with/ without payment
 Force leave with payment
 Termination
 Final exit at severe cases